Headset Bearings -

headset-1.pngKeeping your steering smooth and worry free

At Enduro, we don’t mess around with inexpensive headset bearings, we find that it’s simply not worth it. Due to the conditions that we put our bikes through, we feel that is is just a matter of time before inexpensive CrMo or Steel bearings will fail.

Designed and manufactured for the long haul, Enduro entry level headset bearings starts with 52100 High Carbon Chromium Steel Alloy Races and Grade 10 balls, dual-lip labyrinth seals and 90% fill with high pressure waterproof grease. Step-up bearings feature Black Oxide races, Angular Contact designs and full 440C stainless steel bearings. We even manufacture a couple sizes of headset bearings with XD-15 races and 440C balls that are guaranteed against corrosion for life.

All Enduro bearings are always engineered with the largest balls possible for maximum strength and durability.