Derailleur Pulleys -

pulleys-1.pngClean, Precision Shifting and Zero-Maintenance Performance

Designed and manufactured for performance, these pulleys feature CN (tight clearance) bearings in the upper pulley to maximize shifting accuracy and C4 (loose clearance) bearings in the lower pulley to allow for chain-line movement. Precision machined from Teflon® infused 500 AF Delrin® material, Enduro pulleys greatly reduce friction between the pulley and the chain. When compared to other pulley materials, 500 AF Delrin® with Teflon®, offers significantly less drag than pulleys machined from aluminum or titanium. At Enduro, we don't feel it is our place to re-engineer the derailleur manufactures' designs with oversized pulleys or replacement cages, we design our pulleys as a direct replacement for the OE pulleys that do not require adding extra chain links to your drivetrain or major derailleur overhaul to install.

Enduro Derailleur Pulleys are available in a number of configurations and performance levels, starting with Ceramic-Hybrid, Black-Oxide treated Zero Ceramic as a step up, and XD-15 Ceramic-Hybrid at the top of the line. All are proudly precision manufactured in the USA.